Al Joyner

On December 29, 2008, CMG Worldwide proudly launched a new and improved web site for track and field legend Al Joyner. This new site contains fascinating information for fans and potential licensees of Al Joyner, highlighting the life and work of the Hall of Fame track star. The new Al Joyner website is a fitting tribute to this popular and talented athlete, with an extensive selection of exciting facts and other materials available in their respective sections.

Current news, a feature biography, career accomplishments and an array of photos taken throughout Joyner’s career are featured in the site, which provides a detailed overview of the many interesting aspects of his professional and personal life.

Whether you have a personal or business interest in Al Joyner, visitors of his official website will get an excellent overview of and a newfound appreciation for the athlete’s accomplishments. For more information or to inquire about marketing, merchandising and licensing Al Joyner, please feel free to fill out a business inquiry form.